Stine Kjær Jensen

The most important keywords regarding belly dance for me are: joy, communication, humour, sensuality and body awareness. Although I also go up in the technical part of the dance and continually take workshops, it is important for me that each person is allowed to have their own expression of the movements of the dance. It is one of the things that is so beautiful about the human body – we are not the same and we therefore don’t move the same way.

I have been dancing belly dance since 2002 and teaching and performing since 2007. Alongside my dance, I am in the process of taking an education in  fri-højskole og efterskolelærer at the Den Frie Lærerskole in Ollerup south of Funen, where I also major in drama. In addition, I completed in 2012 my teacher training course with specialization in people with disabilities. I have due to the combination of my educational training and lots of dancing experience had great success in performing in activity centers and care homes for adults with disabilities and danced for and with the residents. Belly dance has also been a hit with the girls in the first and second class, which I have taught at various schools. Otherwise, I have mostly taught young people and adults in an adult FOF in Aarhus and made ​​a number of independent workshops. I am a creative teacher who is constantly trying to find new ways for fun and playful ways to learn dance.